Saturday, May 09, 2009

Roswita Niessner shares her story

At the Foothills Library in Glendale, Arizona, Roswita Niessner shared her story at the Spring meeting of the Arizona Sun Chapter today.

Roswita traced the establishment of the Moravians in 1770 to the devastation of her small hometown in Upper Silesia, Germany during World War II. Her story parallels some of the plights similar to the German Russians as the war split families and forced evacuations from Germany to Prague to Austria.

After their flight out of Upper Silesia, they settled in what was to become Eastern Germany. Through her own efforts, she managed to relocate to West Germany, Scotland, back to West Germany and ultimately, Roswita married Bob Niessner and settled in America.

Roswita provided us with a new slant on WWII from the perspective of one in Germany. The starvation, fear and attacks from the Russians on the east, and the American, French and British on the west, gave us an inside look at how the Germans, who share our ancestry, experienced the war right in their homes.

Her story prompted many good questions and I know we look forward to hearing more on her personal recollection of the volatile time in history.

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