Saturday, April 04, 2009

Who says accordions are extinct?

Random Observations of the week:

1) Medicine Hat, Alberta and Rapid City, South Dakota are calling my name. Travel plans are shaping up quite nicely. The German from Russia conferences are a must to attend for me this year.

2) I love grocery shopping at Sunflower Market on Southern. No rush, no fuss. Ideal for the new economic times. Good produce at farmer's market prices. Great way to start my week.

3) Visits to the dentist are never fun, but extremely valuable.

4) Tropical Smoothie on McQueen is open again and Sunny Day makes a great dinner.

5) Lettuce wraps and peace on earth tea at Mandala Tea Room combine for a fabulous dinner. Toni & Guy's created a whole new look for me, too

5) Accordions are making a comeback, not just with Andy Kroneberger and my German Russian friends. I ended the week at arena in Glendale, Arizona where Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band played for over three hours straight. It was the second night of the Working on a Dream tour.
I retraced my life through his songs and relished the music and memories. I can never hear Tenth Avenue Freeze Out without picturing myself at The Gym near Marquette University, sitting next to Carol Cassano, Carol Mellon, Sharon Doherty and Hugh Walsh. Sharon and Hugh were from New Jersey and when Tenth Avenue played, energy exploded throughout the room.
Bruce's encore included American Land which featured two accordions! One of the best known rock icons of our time used the unique sound of an accordion on his latest CD. Outstanding stuff! The accordion lives on in unlikely venues. Precious entertainment. Great fun. If your children or grandchildren think the accordion is not cool, have them check out the latest Springsteen. I have to listen to more.

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Frank said...

It sounds like you had a good week! Very cool. I'm just waiting for the Boss to wear Lederhosen to go with the accordians. Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Polka Band.