Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday the 13th Part II

I spent last Friday the 13th with my Mom and we visited historic downtown Glendale. I've lived in Arizona for nearly seven years and never stopped in this quaint area.

First owned and operated Cerreta Candy Factory. Chocolate and candy for any occasion. The tour offered many free samples including licorice caramel, peanut butter fudge...need I go on? This place has all of the sweetness of Willie Wonka, but, unfortunately, no oompah loompahs. I couldn't leave the place without buying plenty of chocolate including the Wine Pairing Chocolates.

And, you don't have to visit the store to indulge in these treats. Everything can be ordered from their web site at

How about Chocolate Easter Bunnies on Parade?

Candy Tribute to Lucy and Ethel

Craving chocolate yet? Remember, Easter is just around the corner and who knows what the Bunny will bring. Check back tomorrow for Friday the 13th Part III...

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