Sunday, July 27, 2008

I've arrived promptly in Casper Wyoming...

I arrived promptly on schedule in Casper, Wyoming after two quick flights on Delta airlines. My trip flight included great views of the Grand Canyon and the Great Salt Lake. Bob Asay, shuttle driver for the The Parkway Plaza Hotel , was right on time to drive me from the airport to the hotel.

The Parkway Plaza will be a wonderful site for the AHSGR/GRHS combined convention. Anticipation fills the air as some early arrivals like myself check in. Display tables and conference rooms are primed for set up. And, while I prepare myself for the week ahead, I explored the fitness center and sauna. Alas, as I unpack I realize I left behind the precious cord which connects my laptop to my digital camera.

Again, shuttle driver Bob comes to my rescue. By 1 p.m. he was ready to drive me to the local OfficeMax. He gave me the quick downtown tour on our way there so I located the Wonder Bar and the Nicolaysen Art Museum. When we arrived at OfficeMax, one of the employees jumped into service to help me find the right cable. And, within minutes, Bob and I were back on our way to the hotel.

I love the efficiency one discovers in small towns. This promptness thing could be contagious.


Frank said...

I'm glad that you were able to get a cord. Small towns do seem to be friendly, unless you are in a car full of teenagers out of gas on a foggy Halloween night in a small town and with howling wolves in the distance.

Anna said...

I guess I am lucky it is July and not October! So far, no fog. But I will keep my eyes out for anything mysterious. Or, just spooky background music.