Monday, July 28, 2008

Casper, Wyoming July 28

As I sip my coffee in my hotel room, I reflect on yesterday and anticipate today. I ate great oriental chicken salad at Saffords Grub & Pub. I discovered the pub during my walk through downtown Casper.

I love to photograph the older architecture with so much character. The builders created such beauty without the sophisticated tools we have today. It certainly demonstrates a labor of love.

I also discovered some wonderful sculpture during my walk. Artistic talent abounds in Casper. In particular, I liked one of the smaller sculptures entitled Empty Saddle by George Walbye. My father loved cowboys and the West and I know he would love Chris's work. Empty Saddle appropriately epitomizes why so many of the German Russian descendents gather in Casper this week. For details on George's work, visit any of the links below:

Much more to come on my visits over the next few days. Today I need to register for the conference, and attend a meeting or two. Also, need to look for a few internet friends who may well be distant relatives. Much more to come this week from Casper.

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Frank said...

It looks like you are having a great time. Thanks for posting a pic of "Empty Saddle." I like it!

I hope you continue to have fun and make new friends as well as seeing old ones.