Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Christmas and Coloring

The two C's of December converge as we get closer and closer to Christmas break. I am almost ready to leave my work life behind, only one more day left (or so I hope...I should be on vacation starting tomorrow, but the demands of corporate life beckon me for one more day).

I bask in the glow of the holiday lights and visions of holiday time filled with wrapping the presents, finalizing food preparation to be followed by the wonderful relaxation. I will imbibe in a glass or two of holiday cheer, get to some of those "I've been meaning to's" on my list, and set aside some time for drawing and coloring, the ultimate relaxation. What could be better than looking forward to it?

Plus, I was thrilled to find my latest Maggie Visits Grandpa coloring book on the North Dakota Library site. Thanks to Michael Miller who has been such an advocate for research and information on Germans from Russia. To check out the site yourself, please visit There is such thorough information here, you could be caught until Christmas, so set the timer so you still have time to relax and color.

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Frank said...

How about a third C? Celebration!!! It's Christmas and it's time to celebrate the season. Or, a 4th C..Congratulations on your book being shown on the NDSU site. Quite an honor. That by itself calls for a celebration.
(Great blog update, BTW)