Sunday, May 20, 2007

Do You Want to Know the Secret?

When traveling home from Denver, I completed reading my latest book on Catherine the Great and desperately needed more reading material. I stopped at Hudson Bookseller at the Denver airport and searched for another historical book. Alas, nothing in particular sparked my interest. So, against my initial instincts, I bought "The Secret."

I have believed in affirmations and positive thinking for years. I devoured books like "The Power of Intention" by Wayne Dyer, anything by Louise Hay, and more books on this topic than I could possibly recite in this blog. What could this book offer?

"The Secret" started slow and I felt pretty much repeated information that Louise Hay and others have pioneered for years. Yet, I kept reading. By the third chapter, I realized it was a great refresher for those of us who get so carried away with their lives that they forget what they learned years ago. Also, the marketing created by this publisher certainly merits our attention. More to come on this topic when I finish reading the book.


becktronbexbecky said...

I'd like to borrow it when you're done. Also, you should check out the book I'm reading now, it's called "We Gotta Get Out of This Place." Really interesting; it's all about women's constant presence in the evolving world of rock music.

Anna said...

Sounds like we should exchange books soon. Another note on "The Secret" is the beautiful job they did on printing the book. The artistry is awesome.

Anna said...

Ok, so I also spurged and bought the DVD. I found the information presented was not so "secret" as the presenters implied. The format was a bit repetitive and corny. However, the message was well worth the repetitive delivery and boosted my enthusiasm, drive, and stamina as I started this new week. I know I will watch the DVD again and again (not only to get my money's worth) but because in a world filled with negative messages of doom and gloom, it is a healthy reminder of a positive perspective. It raises feelings of confidence and happiness, something of which everyone needs a reminder. This perspective and our ability to build upon it cannot be overlooked. While the information was not new nor unique, it definitely merits exposure.