What are your Next Genealogical Goals?

What is your Next Genealogical Goal? Writing that question makes me shiver with anticipation, and I am experiencing record heat here in Arizona.

I often write my goals, sometimes I fiercely track my progress, other times I write it and lose the piece of paper on which it was written. Whichever way it goes, I know if I consciously choose my next genealogical search, it is likely to come to fruition.

Recently I have been fascinated with a quote from Linda Hogan which reads as follows:

"Walking, I am listening to a deeper way. Suddenly all my ancestors are behind me. Be still. They say. Watch and listen. You are the result of the love of thousands." 

So the choice is critical, likely to define my life for at least the next few months, if not the next few years.  There are times I try to connect with those who are past, to get an impression of what they would want me to discover.

With this quote in mind, I breathe in and breathe out and ask for guidance. Here are the thoughts that come to me....

  • Finish the book...for years I have been developing a book about my ancestry. The details aren't important here, but it requires consistent writing, consistent devotion of time, and consistent yearning to complete.
  • Find out what happened to my grandfather Johannes Dalhaimer...this is one of my greatest challenges.  This man left my grandmother and I have been unable to locate him despite years of searching. I am actually afraid to write it as a goal because it is one of my most frustrating genealogical issues.  If you have ever encountered information about this man, born 7 Feb 1887 in Mariental, Russia, please forward it to me. I would be overwhelmed to discover what he did, where he lived after he left the day after my father was born in 1925. I can only dream of having the chance to visit his grave site.
  • Systematically, work through all of my maternal lines...the lines I want to honor the most as they were the glue which held my family history together in so many ways. The Spies, Seidlitzens, Giesmans, Stengels, Ruppels, Gaugers, Steinbrechers, Mertes, Bauers, Schoenbergers, Hansens, Berns, Sterzers and Wachters who deserve their due along with the Dalhaimers, Herzogs, Herrmanns, Reimers, and Körbers of whose family trees  have made a small dent.
Perhaps the order of these thoughts is important. I think it is but working simultaneously toward multiple goals can yield miraculous results. I would love to hear about your goals, how to you work through the challenges and how do you determine what you do next.  Share your thoughts as comments here or on the Facebook link. The choices we make now determine our future. 


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