Tips & Tricks To Tracking Your German Russian Ancestors...Tip # 7 LEARN A NEW LANGUAGE...ANY LANGUAGE

Learn a new language...sunds a bit daunting, doesn't it? I think I can read your mind…you think you are too old to learn a new language…but hear me out...there are a lot of reasons why this tip is crucial to tracking your German Russian ancestors.

Many of the original records of your ancestors are written in a number of languages. And there will be times when you want to check the original records to verify your history.
Some original records will be in German and Russian, and when you add in South America, it can be a handy took to know Spanish, too.  Descendants of Germans from Russia relocated to countries around the world so any language skills are helpful.

Learning a new language doesn't happen overnight. And there are ways you can begin to learn by using tools to help you recognize key words found in records.  
Learning occurs over time and here are a few tools to help you ease into learning.

German English Genealogical Dictionary by Ernest Thode
German English Visual Bilingual Dictionary
For additional vocabulary list, see: Family Search
For an article on German language, including numbers, see:  Wiki German Language

Once you feel comfortable with a few words, you may want to take your language skills to the next level.  There are any number of options including:

As I mentioned earlier the thought of learning a new language can be overwhelming, however new evidence shows that our brain needs new challenges! We need to stretch our brain to increase its ability to grow and learn for the rest of our lives. Need proof? Check out the information about the plasticity of the brain and how to build your cognitive reserve at any age.

And, what better way to age well than to learn a language that will assist with tracking your ancestors. You never know, it may just help you when to implement Tip # 8 which is

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