Monday, March 19, 2012

The Jakob Heinle Family of Johannestal by Ray Heinle

I have known Ray Heinle for the past eight years as a member and First Vice President of the AHSGR Arizona Sun Chapter.

While Ray has been an asset to our local chapter, his work and research has extended to many others within AHSGR and GRHS. Ray, who serves as the village coordinator for Johannestal, Beresan, Odessa, Russia, has compiled his family history into a full color hard cover book. This book is a must for all Johannestal descendants.

Ray writes that “While I have attempted to make this document as accurate as possible, there are most certainly mistakes in these pages.” Any of us who have tried to write our family histories understand his perspective. Our family histories are fluid, filled with stories and information that change as we research and learn more every year.

Ray is also generous with sharing his research. He tells readers to feel free to copy his book.
All of the pictures and documents printed in his book are of exceptional quality. The full color pictures of the Warenburg church on page 28 demonstrate the ravages of time. The baptismal and confirmation certificates in Appendix N are superbly preserved family heirlooms.

Ray’s research has sparked a link on the GRHS home page to “Ray Heinle’s Korner.” In his Korner, Ray displays his family genealogy and photos. You can visit the web site at

The title page of Ray’s book introduces his story with the old Russian proverb, “You live as long as you are remembered.” What an eloquent and appropriate sentiment. He has embraced that proverb and, with this book, Ray will be remembered for a long, long time.
Ray’s book is available for download or print copy at .

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