Sunday, June 12, 2011

My Family Tree on Disney

I saw a commercial on Disney Channel entitled "My Family Tree." It focused on a young girl and her family who traced their ancestry back to early California. Their journey included a visit to her great grandfather's home (there may have been more than one great) which he built many years ago.

I was excited to see Disney "commercializing" family history and genealogy so I went to the Disney Channel web site for more information and initially found nothing. I did a google search and discovered these two vignettes on and realized I had seen both air on Disney Channel, too.

I had no luck finding the California search but I did find other blogs such as Thomas MacEntee's Geneabloggers at which talk about the forthcoming show...but what happened to the actual show? Most blogs indicate the "show," not a series of commercials, was to debut in November 2010. Maybe it did?

If you have heard more about this show, please share any information you have. I am curious about this one.

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Frank said...

I used to know a lot about Donald's geneaology since I spent many hours reading Disney's Comics and Stories and the original Carl Bark's Scrooge McDuck series. Good memories. Too bad I did not apply the same intensity to my school work.