Thursday, June 17, 2010

Doris Ann Dalhaimer 1927-2010

Much of my inspiration is gone today. My mother passed away today at 11:50 a.m. Arizona time. She was the heart behind my first book Value Meals on the Volga.

It's not that I was surprised as my journey with her included three hospital visits and two stays in a skilled nursing center. I know she is in a better place and, by this point, my Dad has welcomed her and is showing her the sites.

How can I capture all of the memories in this short blog? There is no way to accomplish it. Still I want to start to try. I am sure I will have many more updates over the next few weeks but the moments which register with me today and the things I will miss the most are:

*Going to the library with her every weekend
*Knowing my dishwasher was already emptied for me
*My Mom standing over my shoulder in the kitchen supervising as I made some of our favorite recipes
*When she asked me "aren't you going to put that in a smaller container?"
*Or, when I asked her if she would like popcorn, ice cream or some treat, her response was "What are you having?"
*Trading "Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit" comments on the first day of the month
*When she would ask "Is it spicy?"
*Word search puzzles
*and, last but not least, her description of "steak on a hard roll with butter. You know they don't make them like that anymore."

They sure don't. Thanks, Mom for everything and thanks for letting me be with you during the past six months.

Sunday, June 06, 2010

Grand Canyon called us for a great family outing..

Check out a few of the pictures from our latest adventure.

All photographs are Copyright 2010 Anna Dalhaimer Bartkowski

Saturday, June 05, 2010

Graduations first hour of time

I had an hour to use as my own. After two graduations, family guests, graduation party and dinners, hospitalizations, and skilled nursing center visits over the past four months, I did not HAVE to do anything for an hour this afternoon.

I promptly put on my swimsuit and dove into the swimming pool. I realized how much I had taken this action for granted in previous summers. I missed spending time with the family visitors who enjoyed the "spa" and now that all are gone, I actually have an hour in my schedule.

I wish I could have moved this hour to have spent the time with all of my family.

I used the word "spend" and "spent" quite a bit in the last paragraph. We have control over how our time is "spent," "used," or "deposited." I made a lot of family deposits this spring. I certainly will continue to let family guide my time. However, I so enjoyed my one hour in the pool, I need to find a way to "spend" some of that valuable time every day on myself.