Saturday, June 05, 2010

Graduations first hour of time

I had an hour to use as my own. After two graduations, family guests, graduation party and dinners, hospitalizations, and skilled nursing center visits over the past four months, I did not HAVE to do anything for an hour this afternoon.

I promptly put on my swimsuit and dove into the swimming pool. I realized how much I had taken this action for granted in previous summers. I missed spending time with the family visitors who enjoyed the "spa" and now that all are gone, I actually have an hour in my schedule.

I wish I could have moved this hour to have spent the time with all of my family.

I used the word "spend" and "spent" quite a bit in the last paragraph. We have control over how our time is "spent," "used," or "deposited." I made a lot of family deposits this spring. I certainly will continue to let family guide my time. However, I so enjoyed my one hour in the pool, I need to find a way to "spend" some of that valuable time every day on myself.

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Frank said...

I love the analogy you create with "spending" and "depositing" time into a family account. you are truly rich in the memories you have created in the past months.