Saturday, December 04, 2010

I'm Caught between Two Christmas Worlds

so it must be time to write my annual Christmas letter. I use Facebook, twitter, blogs and e-greetings. Call it nostalgia or whatever, but I can't resist buying new Christmas/Holiday/Kwanzaa stamps. I went to the post office last week to mail my Christmas packages. The clerk asks, "Do you need stamps?"

Now I really don't need stamps and yet I answered, "Can I see the holiday stamps?" Like a novice, I bought one set of each.

There is a bit of history on my stamp fascination. As a child, I collected stamps. I loved the artwork and the designs. The color? Just unbelievable. When my oldest sister, who worked in Los Angeles at Carte Blanche at the time, shared with me some of the foreign stamps which came to her office, I was hooked.

Stamps are almost like family history. I can page through my collection and remember things about times and days long forgotten. Years are erased when I view how neat and organized my collections is.

So, because I love stamps, I will continue both e-greetings and snail mail Christmas cards. I love the art, I love the tradition. My Christmas letter is in the final editing stages. Fresh ink is in the printer. And, despite being caught between two Christmas worlds, I believe I have the best of the celebration and tradition. Mailbox, here I come.

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