Sunday, September 13, 2009

Argentina adventure continues....

The GRHS convention was a wonderful experience and unfortunately was over too quickly. I already miss the friends I reconnected with and the new friends I made.

My presentation of "Building Our Ancestral Bridge to Argentina," was well received. I was pleased to meet many people who are curious to expand their family research into South America.

"Maggie Visits Argentina," is part of my desire to share family heritage with all ages. This new adventure is target to middle and high school readers but is the ideal way for adults to learn or polish up their language skills as the book is written in English, Spanish and German.

Here is a preview of Maggie's first international adventure:

As her grandparents connect to their ancestral past, Maggie tries to make friends for the future as she travels to her first foreign destination, Argentina.Maggie reads as much as possible before her trip yet when she arrives in Buenos Aires, she discovers language is just one of the many things she does not know about Latin America. It takes three languages...English, Spanish and tell the story of exotic places, Argentine history and the friends Maggie meets on her exciting new journey.
To get full details on Maggie's experience or to order the book, click here


Duane Stabler said...

Anna did a great job with the presentation and the book, well it's terrific. I'd say it's a "must have" for that Christmas shopping list.... Even NDSU is now selling it.

I've had the chance to preview it and think it's a wonderful book. I like the bright colors of the cover too but to have the book readable in English, German and Spanish adds a lot to the book.

Anna is one exceptional lady in that her presentation was well received in Medicine Hat and in Rapid City. She was busy with people talking to her about it.

Now, I wonder what her next writing project might be!

Frank said...

I;m glsd you had a wonderful time at the convention. I agree that time flies too fast when you're sharing adventures with new friends.

MAggies new adventure has me already pulling out my Crayolas. Great job!

Anonymous said...

Anna!, great job once again!, I like that thing of "build a bridge" between Argentina and North America, I think it's time...
Also thanks to keep us here present among the VG's ;)
Greeting from Argentina