Sunday, January 18, 2009

On the road again....our Argentina bus experience

Of course I'm watching the Arizona Cardinal game, and reveling in the fact that Jordin Sparks' ancestors on her mother's side are Germans from Russia. Isn't it amazing how we all connect in one way or another? However the Cardinals are not my focus for this particular update. Yesterday I mentioned how much we did in Argentina during our two week trip. One of the reasons for our extensive excursion was our bus. We traveled on a double decker bus from the time we left Buenos Aires until we arrived back at the airport. Our drivers, Eduardo and Carlos, were crucial to our safe and successful trip. The first picture below shows Eduardo next to Tim and Carlos is in the second picture. There was definitely a great deal of time on the bus. We used this time to talk, laugh, plan and compare notes on our ancestry. Tim, aka Mr. Congeniality, led many of our conversations as he spoke German. He initiated numerous sing-alongs as demonstrated in some of the vidoe I took. We found a common theme in song. Unfortunately, the best video is over 333MB so I cannot upload it to this blog. I will gladly provide a CD of the song segment to anyone who is interested.
I learned how to sleep on the bus during two overnight rides. But, how can one sleep with the views like the one below?

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Frank said...

Once again i am jealous of your trip. It really sounds like it was fantastic. But, please, more photos for us to enjoy. And stories, too!!!