Monday, January 21, 2008

Now that my football season is over....

I am ready get back to researching and documenting my family history. That is, if I can put the Packer loss to the Giants out of my mind. It may take a couple more days... perhaps even the Super Bowl will have to pass. It will be difficult this year since the Super Bowl will be played in my own back yard in Glendale, Arizona. Let the media frenzy begin without me.

OK, not exactly my back yard, but as close as someone in Arizona gets to the Super Bowl. And, I should be happy for the Manning family history. How many Dads have a son on different teams in two consecutive Super Bowls? But, enough about the Mannings. This year, I am nearly as disappointed as the Atlanta Falcons vs. Dallas Cowboys NFC championship game where my cousin Steve, as quarterback, just missed the Super Bowl. At least Brett Favre had two Super Bowl appearances.

Alas, I did certainly have some great memories as I watched yesterday's game. I remembered the picture in Lombardi's Run to Daylight book of my Dad and Uncle Fred freezing in the Lambeau field stands during the 1967 Ice Bowl. Or, how about seeing Bart Starr as the honorary captain yesterday? My Dad took my sister and I to the training camps for the Packers in the 1960s. To this day I remember how patient and kind and good looking Bart Starr was to all of the kids who wanted his autograph. I waited in line twice and am proud of the two signatures. My red autograph book is filled with names like Ray Nitschke, Forrest Gregg, Paul Hornung, Max McGee, Lionel Aldridge, and Jim Taylor. I was always jealous of my sister who managed to get Vince Lombardi's signature. I missed him, probably while I chased Bart Starr.

Ok, I guess with memories like these and of the friends and family with whom I have enjoyed Super Bowl Sunday, I suppose I can watch one more football game this season. I may have more memories tied to sports than any other event. What is your favorite sports memory with your family
? Please share with me as we prepare for the Super Bowl and....let the media frenzy begin.


Ashley Bartkowski said...

I will always remembering watching the super bowl every year whether the family from all over came to TN or when it was just you, becky and I betting coins on who would win and then putting it into a hat, or something like that. Tennis finals especially Wimbledon I will always remember doing since I was little, getting up super early making strawberries with cream and cheering with you and becky. Most of my best memories happened when I was little and with you two. But now since all my delemas are over with I am ready for this super bowl. The first where I hope no one wins. hahaha!

Frank said...

I love Archie Manning and am happy that at least one of his sons is playing, but I wish it had been Peyton. Either way I cannot root for the Patriots. Enough crying *sob* It's the family memories of rooting for a particular team that makes that team special. Would you love the Packers as much if you hadn't been taken by your father to the training camps? He must of been extra proud taking his daughters to see his team and watching them grow to love that team as well. What a great story to pass on to your kids.

Jewelgirl said...

The PACK were great this year!
Now that the Giants won the big
Superbowl we have no shame! They
were tough at Green Bay! I saw
the Volga info on Jessica's
sidebar - that's how I found this
blog and I decided to say Hello
from "Sin City" WI. I've been on
that "Jettie" on the lake. I am
working on my pals Volga family

Anna said...


I understand exactly what you mean! The Packers looked tougher against the Giants than the formerly undefeated Patriots did! We have no shame for losing to the SuperBowl champs.

Glad to hear you are doing Volga family history. Do you know what village your friend's family came from?