Monday, June 18, 2007

Asher, we aren't in Kansas Anymore

I have just returned home from a delightful trip to Hays, Kansas where I attended the AHSGR (American Historial Society of Germans from Russia) Annual Convention. Most people would not consider this trip a vacation, however it was to me. Now as I reflect back on my week, I will add updates to my blog over the next few day so I can share this great experience. When I return to work tomorrow, I know many will ask me about my time away, but how do I describe watching the multi-colored grasses of Kansas bend and lift as the wind surrounds it? The beautiful hues of the fields and meadows? How can I explain that the villages around Hays and the entire geography transported me back over 200 years to the German Russian villages where my ancestors lived on the Volga River? How can I convey the demeanor, courtesies and politeness of everyone in Hays? I was so impressed with workers at McDonalds who handled their jobs with pride and a true sense or purpose. Their desire to serve and their happiness with their jobs should be cloned for everyone. I believe the industriousness, the willingness to work, and sense of happiness without climbing the corporate ladder can be directly attributed to German Russian heritage. To be valuable in whatever way possible and enjoy life without every whim of material pleasure has lasting appeal.

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