Friday, April 06, 2007

Ancestry Tracked to 1744

Over the last weekend, I was able to track my paternal ancestry to 1744. With the help of the Volga and their access to the census lists for Mariental, I was able to tie back my ancestry through eight generations to the founding members of the German-Russian village.

The vast amount of data compiled from the Mariental 1798 Colony Census, the 1850 Mariental Russia Census List and the 1895 Register die Gemeinde von Mariental, Russia provided the detailed information. Special thanks to Kevin Rupp for sharing such helpful information with me.

My next task is to track my maternal ancestors back to the founders of Reinwald. I will soon have the Reinwald census list from 1798.

Many may wonder what is so fascinating about old family names, dates and individuals I never met. It is difficult to put a finger on it, but history is such a fascinating topic for me. And, to find such personalized details after years is remarkable. When I began my research, receiving these details out of Russia was unthinkable. I only wish my father could see what I have discovered. Yet, I realize, he already knows it.


Mare said...

My great aunt & her mum departed from Libau, Russia & came through Ellis Island (they lived in Reinwald, Russia!) I'm also from Sheboygan, but no longer live there.

I can't find anything about Reinwald...

Anna said...

I understand completely! Reinwald is one of the villages from which there is only the early census from 1798 so I have a huge gap in my genealogical research. I believe there is an AHSGR village coordinator for Reinwald, but she has not attended the convenetions. I believe my grandmother also traveled through Libau. I also believe that most of the Germans in Sheboygan were from Reinwald. There are so many family ties and links. How far have you gotten on your family history?