Sunday, March 22, 2009

Friday the 13th Part III

You would think indulgence at a chocolate factory would be enough. But, no, we still needed lunch. Where to go?

We headed to the car and drove directly to the heart of Historic Downtown Glendale. On my left, I saw the name Murphy and assumed it was an Irish pub. Mom agreed it was worth checking out so I turned around and found a close parking spot on the street. We walked to the restaurant and discovered the name was Haus Murphy.

Haus Murphy is not an Irish pub. Haus Murphy is a German biergarten of a restaurant which matches my heritage perfectly. We were delighted! We chose the bratwurst and enjoyed. The warm, delicious apple streudel topped off a great meal. For their full menu, visit

We are not the only ones who think Haus Murphy is worthy of a visit. Guy Fieri of the Food Network agrees and featured Haus Murphy on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives on February 23rd.

So, this third update is the finale for Friday the 13th. Stay tuned for more updates soon.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday the 13th Part II

I spent last Friday the 13th with my Mom and we visited historic downtown Glendale. I've lived in Arizona for nearly seven years and never stopped in this quaint area.

First owned and operated Cerreta Candy Factory. Chocolate and candy for any occasion. The tour offered many free samples including licorice caramel, peanut butter fudge...need I go on? This place has all of the sweetness of Willie Wonka, but, unfortunately, no oompah loompahs. I couldn't leave the place without buying plenty of chocolate including the Wine Pairing Chocolates.

And, you don't have to visit the store to indulge in these treats. Everything can be ordered from their web site at

How about Chocolate Easter Bunnies on Parade?

Candy Tribute to Lucy and Ethel

Craving chocolate yet? Remember, Easter is just around the corner and who knows what the Bunny will bring. Check back tomorrow for Friday the 13th Part III...

Friday, March 13, 2009

Can it be Friday the 13th of March already? A month of updates is due...

It's been a month since I posted, which is highly unusual for me. Have I been busier than normal? Maybe. Mom is visiting, I am still editing Andy's book, work has been non-stop, we finished putting together the Spring edition of the AHSGR Journal and somewhere in between all of that, my updates fell through the cracks. I hope to make up for it today.

One of the highlights of the last month was the Winter Arizona Sun Chapter meeting with featured my friend Andy Kroneberger. Andy's quest to find his family spans the globe from Minnesota, Russia, Germany and Argentina.

He presented "A Man Called Andreas, One Family's Struggle in Bolshevik Russia." Andy shared the story of the Kronebergers and Stoessels from Dehler. He detailed their struggles to leave Russia and their transition to the Americas. During his investigation he researched his family tree back to 1719 in Gochsheim, Germany. Andy is the author of "I Found My Family" and the upcoming "A Man Called Andreas" which will be published in the spring. His story moved the hearts of everyone in the audience.

If you read my blog in February, you saw Andy's musical talent on the accordion. He is not only a gifted musician, writer and speaker, but a fabulous painter. I included his painting of the Volga River as he believes it looked from Dehler.

There will be more to come from this author and I am avidly editing the book to rush it to the printing press. Will keep you posted.